Welcome to the IRS required Annual Cyber-Security Awareness Training Program!

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you must be committed to safeguarding their sensitive financial information and maintaining the highest standards of data security. However, with the growing sophistication of cyber-security threats, it is important that you also prioritize your own internal cyber-security practices and awareness.

This annual training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and mitigate cyber-security risks that could potentially harm your firm, your clients, and your reputation. By completing this program, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • The types of cyber-security threats and risks that you may face as a tax and accounting firm, including phishing attacks, malware infections, and social engineering scams.
  • The best practices for password management and authentication, including how to create strong and unique passwords, and why two-factor authentication is important for protecting sensitive data.
  • How to protect sensitive data and maintain client privacy through encryption, access controls, backups, and privacy policies.
  • The risks associated with email and web browsing, and how to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks and other cyber-security threats.
  • The importance of physical security and social engineering awareness, and how to prevent unauthorized access to important systems and confidential information.
  • The steps to take in the event of a cyber-security incident, including incident response plans and procedures, timely reporting, and follow-up actions.

At the end of this training program, you will be better equipped to identify and avoid cyber-security risks, and to play an active role in maintaining a culture of cyber-security awareness and best practices at your firm. We encourage you to take this training seriously, and to apply the knowledge gained to your daily work activities.

Thank you for your participation, and let’s keep your firm and clients safe and secure!

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