Lesson 6: The Essentials of a WISP

Ahoy, data protectors! Let’s dive into the treasure chest that is a WISP. But what precious gems can we expect to find inside?

A required element of a WISP, according to IRS and FTC guidelines, is detailed security measures to protect PII. It’s like the “X” that marks the spot on a treasure map, leading us to the bounty of secure data protection.

Don’t expect to find a list of all employees’ home addresses or a list of all past and present clients of the firm in a WISP. As tempting as it might be to have these lists (the holiday card mailing would be so much easier, right?), they’re not part of the treasure.

And as much as we’d love to know everyone’s favorite movies, this won’t be part of a WISP either. While it might make our company movie nights more enjoyable, it doesn’t help us protect PII data.

So, next time you open your WISP, think of it as a treasure map. It’s full of valuable information and guides us toward the ultimate treasure: secure and protected client data.

Remember, data protection isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a commitment we make to our clients. So, let’s make sure we’re following our map correctly!