Lesson 9: Proper Disposal of PII Data

PII data disposal – it’s not as simple as throwing an old coffee cup in the trash. When it comes to getting rid of PII data, the IRS and FTC require us to render it unreadable. It’s like shredding that old credit card bill instead of just tossing it in the bin.

We don’t just delete files or throw papers in the recycling bin. And we certainly don’t pass them out as confetti at the company holiday party (as fun as that might sound!).

Proper disposal means shredding, burning, or otherwise rendering the data unreadable. It’s like turning that credit card bill into a pile of confetti (but without the party).

Proper disposal is essential for protecting our clients’ data, even after we no longer need it. It’s the final step in the data protection process, and just as important as all the steps before it.

So, next time you’re done with a piece of PII data, don’t just toss it aside. Give it a proper send-off, and make sure it’s truly gone for good!