Lesson 8: The Importance of Regular WISP Review

Remember the excitement of checking your advent calendar every day in December? Well, reviewing your WISP might not be as thrilling, but it’s just as important!

The IRS and FTC recommend reviewing your WISP annually, or whenever there are significant changes to the firm’s practices or applicable regulations. It’s like checking your calendar to make sure you’re not forgetting any important dates.

We don’t review our WISP every time we sign a new client (although we’re always excited to welcome new people to our firm!). And we don’t review it every time we have a staff meeting (even if those meetings do have the best donuts).

Regular review helps us keep our WISP up-to-date and ensure it’s still the best guide for protecting our clients’ data. Think of it like updating your GPS system with the latest maps.

So, let’s mark our calendars and make sure we’re giving our WISP the attention it deserves. After all, an out-of-date WISP is like an expired advent calendar – not much use to anyone!