Lesson 7: The Consequences of Ignoring PII Protection

A police officer law enforcement person handing a traffic violation or ticket.

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? A surprise birthday party, a surprise visit from an old friend, or a surprise bonus check – these are all great! But a surprise fine for failing to protect PII data? That’s a surprise no one wants.

The IRS and FTC aren’t playing games when it comes to PII data protection. Fail to adhere to their regulations, and you could be facing fines and potential legal action. It’s like getting a surprise ticket for speeding when you didn’t even realize you were going over the limit.

Unfortunately, the consequences aren’t as fun as a high-five, an invitation to a party, or a free vacation. They’re serious business, just like our commitment to protecting our clients’ data.

But don’t worry! As long as we follow our WISP and the IRS and FTC’s guidelines, we can avoid these nasty surprises. So, let’s make sure we’re staying within the speed limit when it comes to PII data protection. Our clients (and our bank accounts) will thank us!